C4 ~ Centennial Charger Charity Classic Basketball Tournament

The C4 was first started in the fall of 2010. The intent was to create a unique basketball tournament environment that brought together some of the best competition from around the province - both big cities and small cities. Ultimately, we wanted to do something truly unique in our community, and that meant more than just basketball...

There are two significant charity groups that our school has worked with since the doors opened in 2006: Holiday Family Hampers and the Children's Hospital Foundation. It made logical sense to incorporate these charities into the tournament focus and the C4 has become one of a kind with its charity driven purpose.

Enjoy $5 Dollar Friday cost of admission to our tournament. Tournament weekend passes are sold as well.

To date, the tournament has raised over $30,000 towards our charity goals and it is with the tremendous support of our school administration, staff, and students that this event has continued to grow. Many of our community businesses have been involved over the years and their support is greatly valued and appreciated.

We look forward to hosting another successful tournament event this year with the spirit of charity, service, and sportsmanship at the heart of it all. Best of luck to all teams participating and thank you for supporting our tournament!